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Re: [IP] Re: Pump advocate

> I just wanted to throw in another point about the medical profession and
> pumps. 
> Insurance coverage is a major issue but as an educator, most of the
> patients I see (all adults) are not interested in checking their BG more
> than 2 times a day, much less committing to intensive insulin therapy. 
> There is a huge motivational problem with many people. 
> Gina

	Would you say the people with the motivational problems are the young ones
that do not take diabetes seriously enough or do not realize the damage
this disease WILL eventually do to their bodies later?  These are exactly
the ones that need to be on pump therapy to gain the most from this
technology. As Michael has stated it is cheaper in the long run and would
save many kidneys and damage from heart disease.    ??????

Buddy '-)   feeling good thanks to MiniMed !!!