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Re: [IP] Re: Pump advocate

> 	This all boils down to "insurance" and "dollars". We need a way to get
> help to many people that could really benefit from a pump that can not
> afford one.
I just wanted to throw in another point about the medical profession and
Insurance coverage is a major issue but as an educator, most of the
patients I see (all adults) are not interested in checking their BG more
than 2 times a day, much less committing to intensive insulin therapy. 
There is a huge motivational problem with many people. The people on this
list seem very willing to do everything possible to achieve an improved
quality of life, but that is uncommon in my experience. 

I also think that most medical folks are unwilling to prescribe pumps to
patients who are "non-compliant" even though a pump may well have improved
their "compliance".