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Re: Re: [IP] carb counting

On 20 Nov 97 at 22:49, email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi Folks!
> What do you people do when you are out, and don'y know the carb count of
> something? Do you not eat it? do you take a guess? Just what do you do?
> I was at a meeting tonight, and I had no idea as to how many carbs were in
> the snacks. All things were in baskets or on plates, so I couldn't see the
> wrapper. I did so much want to eat something, but just stuck with a Diet
> Pepsi. I guess one of these days, I'll know more.
> Thanks,
> Sissy

There are several ways to respond to this situation: ask someone, 
guess, or don't eat it.   I was at a restaurant in Philadelphia a few 
weeks ago (business trip) and asked the waiter for the nutritional 
information for something on the menu.  He went and asked the head 
chef - and came back with the carbohydrate information I had asked 
for.  Sometimes they have an idea, sometimes they don't - you never 
know until you ask.  Then you can also estimate fairly well - if it 
is pastry or sweets then the carb content will be fairly high. 
Experience is the best teacher here - try it and see if you were 
right.  Good notes help here.  This is where the pump helps - if you 
eat it and check your bg level an hour later you can compensate for 
it going up or down.

Randall Winchester

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