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Re: Re: [IP] carb counting

On Thu, 20 Nov 1997 email @ redacted wrote:
> What do you people do when you are out, and don'y know the carb count of
> something? Do you not eat it? do 
> you take a guess? Just what do you do?
Rember exchanges? (how could you forget) estimate like that.

After carb counting awhile, you will be able to look at a plate of food 
and guess within about 10%. Really!!  Lily can about 80-90 % of the time.

The other trick is to eat, check in 1 hour, look at the rise or fall of 
bg and adjust by using the unused insulin rule (or its converse if you're 
high).  You'd be supprised how many servings of things are exactly one 


> I was at a meeting tonight, and I had no idea as to how many carbs were in
> the snacks. All things were in baskets or on plates, so I couldn't see the
> wrapper. I did so much want to eat something, but just stuck with a Diet
> Pepsi. I guess one of these days, I'll know more.
> Thanks,
> Sissy