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Re: Re: [IP] Week 2

Dear Terri,

You might have had the highs because they don't have the right rates set for
you yet.
On Tuesday, I just finished week #2. I have had some highs too. I know that
my rates are not right yet.
I have  changed my set twice for  highs, and those were up in the 300's with
keytones. I have had several in the 200's and have just bolused them down.

I think when you are new with the pump, you have a good chance of having Bg's
in the 200's.

I was told that if I have a high with keytones, to inject the insulin, 1 unit
for each 50 points over 125. (Just in case it is the set.) Then I am to check
again 2 to 3 hrs. later, if Bg is still high, then I am to change the set.
this has worked for me both times that it ihas happened..