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[IP] Re: Pump advocate

> 1) either kids should not be on pumps or
> 2) pumps are for diabetics who have complications.
> I know both responses are wrong and dumb! but what can you do when 
> the doctor GODS tell their patients that stuff.

	I hold you in high regard, and I am just an old mechanic but let me ask
you this :
	How many of these people you spoke of have "good insurance" that would pay
for such equipment? I for one could not afford the luxury of pumping if it
were not for my insurance.
	Another question/inquiry,  since I know from experience that pump therapy
is so much better and has tremendous advantages, why does not the medical
community get off high-center and push these pumps to people with
insurance. How are these so-called educated so ignorant???
	This all boils down to "insurance" and "dollars". We need a way to get
help to many people that could really benefit from a pump that can not
afford one.


Buddy '-)