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Thu Nov 20 16:41:24 1997
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On 20 Nov 97 at 9:23, Michael wrote:

> Don't be disheartened by lack of response.  I think the problem is 
> really with the medical community.  Those same parents who I spoke of 
> above have responded to me that their Docs told them that
> 1) either kids should not be on pumps or
> 2) pumps are for diabetics who have complications.
> I know both responses are wrong and dumb! but what can you do when 
> the doctor GODS tell their patients that stuff.

One of the problems is that doctors have to have a good relationship 
with patients to be on the pump - sometimes we require "extra" help 
or advice and they either don't know the answer or don't want to 
bother with a "non-billable" event.  

A lot of doctors still think that the complications are inevitable 
and there's nothing that can be done.  My doctor told me 14 years ago 
that my job was to keep my bg as close to normal as possible in order 
to remain healthy - but he's not typical (unfortunately).  

Another problem is with the medical system in this country - instead 
of focusing on preventing future problems it is focused on dealing 
with problems after they occur.  When you start talking about this 
some doctors eyes just glaze over - they seem unable to think about 
anything beyond the current crisis.  
Randall Winchester

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