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Re: [IP] carb counting

On 19 Nov 97 at 11:50, Rosalind Mincher wrote:

> I just read an article from some diabetes thing I get. I will have to 
> bring it to work to give you the exact name of the paper. It said, if I 
> understood the article to look at a label for the carb count. Then look 
> at the fiber count. Since fiber has to be counted as a carb and is not 
> digestible, the article said to subtract it from the total carb to get 
> the actual carb that one needs to bolus for when eating that food. I have 
> always just looked at the carb count. I don't remember ever having been 
> told to subtract out the fiber grams. Anybody out there heard of any such, 
> or have I just been sleeping? I don't have my carb counting down really 
> well, maybe that could be one of the reasons. You people that have your 
> sugars under really tight control, do you subtract fibers, any responses 
> would be appreciated. Thanks, Roz

The dietician that I talked to about carb counting mentioned 
subtracting the fiber on high-fiber foods.  She also told me that if 
there is under 5 grams of fiber it might not be worth the hassle, and 
I'd have to try it and see if it made any difference...

Randall Winchester

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