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Re: [IP] carb counting

> I would love to see the article.  I am really confused now.

The article I saw was in "Diabetic Reader" - or something similar.
It's a catalog/newsletter sent out by Prana Publications, run by
those two women who write lots of diabetes books. My kidney disease
is affecting my memory!

The article was aimed mostly at people who follow a low-carb diet.
Because they severely restrict carbohydrates, they are encouraged to
eat their carbs in very-high-fiber foods. After subtracting the fiber,
the net amount of carb is quite low. I believe that most of these
people are not counting carbs in the same sense that pumpers do. I
could be wrong, but I think they count carbs so they don't go over
their allowed amount per day.

I have been counting carbs, instead following an ADA diet, longer than
I've been on the pump (5.5 years). I am also on a low-protein diet
because of end-stage renal disease. I eat a lot of foods that are
naturally high in fiber (beans, for example), but I don't eat a lot
of things like bran muffins and bran cereal that are extremely high
in fiber. When I first read about subtracting fiber, I decided to try
it, and I faithfully followed the instructions for a few weeks. I saw
absolutely no difference, so I decided it was more trouble than it was
worth - for me. 

If you have unexplained lows after eating high-fiber foods, I think
that would be a good reason to try subtracting fiber.

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