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[IP] PW's note!!!!

In a message dated 97-11-20 09:44:55 EST, you write:

>   I am appealing to your good nature right now, but don't be
>  fooled by
>  my candor I could get ugly and all...
>          I would like my hard drive back can you help or do I have to
>  resort to
>  other measures...
>          PW.


Your last message was a joke right????  When you wrote this were you
suffering from a high BG?  If so, I can relate.  But, this is nasty.  I hope
you are feeling better now.  Or, maybe I just misunderstood your humor?????

Why is this taking up space in your hard drive?  Can't you go on line to read
your mail?  This doesn't touch your hard drive.  

I have AOL and I retrieve my mail via flash sessions.  This does put it on my
hard drive but, after reading it, I delete it.  The important things I print.
 But, I delete just about everything.  There is no space on the hard drive

Also, you can look up all ot the correspondense via the Insulin Pump
Homepage.  Just look in the archives.  It is a little more work then just
opening your mail but, it is all there.