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Re: [IP] presentation to middle-school kids

> Rose,
> I live in Boise, Idaho.  I'm not sure how many docs in this area besides my
> own are pump advocates. So far, I haven't heard from any of the parents of
> the kids.  My friend is the school nurse who arranged for me to speak to
> them,  I'll ask her what the general feeling seems to be.  Thanks for your
> support!
As you have probably gathered from my comments on the pump, I am a 
strong advocate.  There are several practices and at least one 
hospital (Sequoia) in the SF Bay area that have pump-friendly docs.  
I have talked to many parents of local kids who are diabetic about 
the pump BUT NOT ONE has shown any interest or investigated further 
to my knowledge.  All of those kids that I am aware of are still 
shooting.  The only convert was an adult who was the diabetic dad of 
a little girl on Lily's sister's soccer team.  He met Lily at a 
soccer game, was curious about the pump and sought me out.  A couple 
of months later he go a MM507.  He has been diabetic since his youth, 
many years.  He likes his pump and thinks..!!!..well you know the 

Don't be disheartened by lack of response.  I think the problem is 
really with the medical community.  Those same parents who I spoke of 
above have responded to me that their Docs told them that
1) either kids should not be on pumps or
2) pumps are for diabetics who have complications.

I know both responses are wrong and dumb! but what can you do when 
the doctor GODS tell their patients that stuff.


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