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[IP] Humalog

From: Insulin-Pumpers
To: Insulin-Pumpers
Subject: Re: [IP] air bubbles
Date: Wednesday, November 19, 1997 5:27PM

I am new to this list and I keep reading about those of you on Humalog.  I
am still on Velosulin.  How is Humalog different from Velosulin ?  I've been 

on the pump almost 3 years and I believe because of my schedule and eating,
I am now experiencing problems with severe lows.  ( 30's - 50's )   I am a
full time employee and a full time student.  I eat lunch around 12 noon, and 

I don't get a chance to eat dinner until 8:30 - 9:00 p.m.  What kind of
suggestions can anyone offer ?

From: Insulin-Pumpers
To: Wasson; Insulin-Pumpers
Subject: Re: [IP] air bubbles
Date: Tuesday, November 18, 1997 11:08PM

On 18 Nov 97 at 15:56, Wasson wrote:

> Today is my first day with the humalog in the pump, I did have trouble
> filling the syringe with the humalog, I had a great deal of trouble with
> air bubbles, I thought I got them all but just now when looking at the
> syringe inside my pump I can see tiny little pockets of air and I also see
> them in the line( they are very tiny and look like little specks when I
> them up to the light), now since these are so tiny do I worry about them?
> this normal?
> My over all impressions of my first day on the pump, I don't like it but
> going to keep with it to see if I can iron these things out, I had one low
> today 59 this morning, and now I'm around 200 at 3:00pm. My goal in
> on the pump was to have stable, closer to normal blood sugars, is this
> possible on the pump or am I still going to bounce up and down.
> Have some of you people who have been on the pump for awhile found blood
> sugars easier to manage?

Give it a while so you can get it all worked out.  My CDE told me it
could take a couple of months to get all the techniques, tricks and
adjustments figured out.  I've found my bg levels to be much more
managable on the pump than they were on the multiple shots.  I've
also experimented with bringing high levels down by splitting the
bolus and giving part of it in the form of an adjusted basal rate
over an hour - it keeps from having a drastic drop or crash just
after a high.  I used to have that happen all the time, and now it
is easier to handle.
Randall Winchester

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