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Re: [IP] Week 2

My endo never said to change the set whenever I was above 250.  If I did
that I would go through more sets than I would care to admit.  I have
been on a Disetronic pump for about a year, but I still have occasional
highs.  Sometimes I can go well into the 300's, for reasons that I don't
always understand.  For instance, exercise can send me either through
the basement or the roof.  The complex relations between blood sugar
availibility, serum insulin levels, exercise duration and exercise
intensity can make the sugars go crazy.  If I have an exercise induced
high, it sometimes takes 3 or 4 hours before it will go away, even with
bolusing to correct it. [Due to the liver spilling sugar and the liver
not being very responsive to changing in the situation.]    The same can
be said about Somogyi highs, which have a similar source.

My approach to highs is to think what has led to this high, and how do I
deal with that situation.  While it is true that a clogged or otherwise
"bad" set can lead to a high, it is not the only reason.  Changing a set
when something else caused the situation is both wastful and dangerous
in that the "real" cause has not been addressed.  Another experience was
I had a clogging alarm go off.  I immediately went and changed my set.
Still had the alarm.  Then I took the time to look at the tubing and
found it to have been damaged and that was the cause for the alarm.  One
set spent for the lesson.

Other things that can lead to highs are also illness.  Again changing
the set won't make your flu go away any faster.

My thoughts.

Best of luck and I trust that each week will bring you new lessons and
perhaps an easier future.


email @ redacted wrote:

> This is my second week, and it is a little rough, but the first thing
> I did
> when i got out  of the hospital was get the flu.  : )
> I do have a question for you though.  My doc said that every time my
> bg's get
> higher than 250 to change the set.  Did any of you do this?  Aren't
> there
> other reasons for over 250.  I went through a ton of sets.  And I had
> to
> start with steel.  I switched this week (2 days ago) to teflon.  This
> is
> better, I don't find the needle rotated 45 degrees anymore.  But I
> still seem
> to get high.  If I *know* why, like I'm trying to compensate for my
> low time,
> I don't change immediately, but there are still times it just goes
> up.  Also,
> How often do you correct your bgs?  It drives me nuts to see a high bg
> and
> not fix it.  And there is MY reason for the pump.  Yes it will be high
> on
> occasion, but for goodness sake, FIX it!  So what do you do?
> Thanks muchly, Terri