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Re: [IP] subscribe

> SUBSCRIBE Sara Falconer
You must send a member profile to insulin-pumpers to join.

The easist way to join is through our web site at


Click on the mail list icon
Click on JOIN
then fill out the form

If you do not have browser access or if you are a dedicated 
cyber-hacker then follow these instructions:
- ----------------------------------------------------------------
>>>> info
- -----------------------------------------------------
- -----------------------------------------------------

     Thank you for your interest in the Insulin-Pumpers
mail list.  In an effort to reduce SPAM and protect the 
privacy of the list members, the Insulin-Pumpers mail
list is a CLOSED LIST.  Non-members who are insulin pumpers,
those considering using a pump, health care professionals,
or other persons having a demonstratable interest in 
diabetes and insulin pumping are welcome to join the list.
To join the list, you must submit a member profile which
is described below.

     The purpose of this list is the free exchange of
information amongst users of insulin pumps and other 
interested parties about everyday living with the pump.  
None of the ideas and information  exchanged here should 
be taken as medical advice.  Without knowing the complete 
medical history and background of each diabetic, even a 
health care professional, through this list would be unable
to  properly give medical advice that would be appropriate 
for a particular individual.  Any information obtained from 
this list should be used with care and not be tried until it 
has been reviewed with your own health care professionals.


     Every person wishing to join the Insulin-Pumpers mail
list must submit a member profile containing your name, e-mail
address, and a brief description of your experience with the
pump, or interest in pumping insulin.  Your profile will be 
reviewed by the list manager and forwarded to the membership
after it is approved.  The example below is not a template, 
so please feel free to elaborate or change the format as 
you see fit.  At a minimum, please include your name, city or
region (i.e. San Francisco Bay area), the number of years you 
have had IDDM and any serious complications with which you have
some experience that may be useful to others.  Many members 
have included their phone and fax numbers as well.
Try to keep the description brief, under a page.

 Harold Mueller < email @ redacted > 
 650 992-2566 fax 992-2568
I've been using a MiniMed 506 for the last year and a half 
with Humalog for the last 6 months.  I use 30-35 units a day 
with a ratio of 1 unit of insulin for 11 grams of carb.  
I was diagnosed at age 12 and have had diabetes for the last 
15 years.  Since going on the pump, my hbA1c's have gone from 
8.1 down to 6.9 (whoopie), and I love the freedom from the snacks. I
like to bike and swim and participate in a regular exercise program.
None of the other members of my family are diabetic (I have a daughter
7 and a son 4) and everyone is very supportive. Oh, by the way, I live
in Detroit, MI.

Please feel free to add any other information or experiences
you have had to your profile that you consider pertinent to
your particular situation and that may assist other pumpers.
(i.e. diabetes complications, treatments, etc...)


     You may subscribe to the list by filling out the form 
on our website at:


or by using the directions below for the mailing list server.

     The following is general information about the 
mechanics  of subscribing to the list.  List members may
retrieve a more detailed description of these and other
commands by sending this command in the body of a message:

     To the address:  email @ redacted

Please save a copy of this  message for future reference.

 (a digest version is available, see below)
     Prepare a member profile, as described above and
e-mail it

     To the address:  email @ redacted

Without a member profile, your subscription to the list
 --------------> WILL BE REJECTED ! <---------------
 -------------> IN ADDITION YOU MUST <-------------
     Send the command in the body of a message:  
     To the address:  email @ redacted

NOTE: that this address is NOT the same as the address for 
 ---- your profile submission (above).

 ---------------------> OR <-----------------------
     For the digest version send the message:
     To the address:  email @ redacted

You may, of course, subscribe to both lists.

     Neither BizSystems, it's ownners or employees, nor the 
owners of this list assume any liability for messages posted 
to the list by its participants.

 ******> NOTICE
     All messages sent to the list are subject to quotation 
with or without attribution both on the Insulin-Pumpers 
Mailing List and on Insulin-Pumpers Home Page unless 
specifically forbidden in the body of that message.

     This document will be updated and posted periodically.  
We reserve the right to limit participants on the list and 
will purge problematic e-mail addresses from the list 
(i.e. mailboxfull, name not found, excessive bounces, etc...).
BizSystems in no way supports this list directly.

      As always, think before posting and keep the content 
relevant to diabetes and the insulin pump. And most of all:
Good health to all and enjoy the benefits of using an 
insulin pump.
>>>> end
email @ redacted