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Re: [IP] Changing Sets Do To Highs!

> We were told with Ravi to suspect the set if he had two unexplained highs
> in a row.  I must emphasize the word, UNEXPLAINED!  If you know you
> calculated your bolus wrong or ate something high in fat, you know that
> your sugars are high because of that. Otherwise we bolus for the high and
> deal with it.  Right now Ravi has a sinus infection and almost all of his
> sugars have been over 240.  Ravi has been on the pump for four weeks
> tomorrow.

Don't be afraid to be aggressive in treating highs.  It took me a 
long time to get used to cranking 4 or 5 units into Lily when she was 
high and checking every hour until fixed.  But..... now we know. THE 
PUMP WORKS.  Rarely has she over-bolused.

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