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Re: [IP] presentation to middle-school kids

Mary Jean:
     WOW! That's fabulous! My almost 15 year old daughter has been "pumping"
for about 20 months & I'm always "prostelytizing" about it at the Parents'
Chat Room of the Children with Diabetes website. It's appalling how resistant
these endos are to the notion of kids on pumps - despite the ever-expanding
evidence to the contrary. Wanted to share 2 anecdotes with all of you from my
daughter's pump trainer:
    a) she held an informational session at a New Jersey hospital for teens
interested in learning about the pump..ordered pizza, expecting about 10 kids
to show up,,must have run short of pizza because 40 showed up!!
    b) great analogy she offered: Convincing endos to put kids on pumps is
sort of analagous to 25 years ago when dads in the delivery room were unheard
of!!  No one thinks twice about THAT nowadays, but I'm sure the "pioneers" in
that domain were equally ignored by ob/gyns as are the kids requesting pump
    Thanks for "spreading the word"
                                             "crusading" pumper mom Renee
(aka Melissa's mom)