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Re: [IP] Re:Depression and Diabetes

James C. Pryor wrote:
> email @ redacted wrote about her depression and being treated with Zoloft.  I
> have had a fair amount of experience treating folks with depression on
> Zoloft.  My main caveat is to watch your sugars!   All SSRIs (selective
> serotonin reuptake inhibitors), which include Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft and
> Luvox will work to LOWER blood sugars, so that you may need to adjust the
> basal rate over time.  Let you CDE or MD know you are on the stuff.  The
> usual dose of Zoloft is 50 to 200 mg/day, if you are doingwell on a certain
> dose, there is no reason to increase it.  If I can answer any further
> psychiatric questions, please let me know!
> cliff-
I was just wondering about something.  When my mother died last Dec.  I
had a terrible time excepting it and my Dr. prescribed Zoloft.  I
started having chest pains.  I didn't connect the 2 until another Dr.
asked me if I had started taking any new medication in the last month. 
Of course I said yes, he said to stop it for a week and see if the pains
stopped and they did.  He told me I should never take another SSRI
because of this.  I am having a difficult time again ( with it being
that same time of year) and was wondering if there was another med. I
could talk to the Dr. about.  He wants me to try to handle it without
medication if I can.  Any thoughts or suggestions you have would be
appreciated.  Gena