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Re: [IP] Week 2

On Wed, 19 Nov 1997 email @ redacted wrote:

> This is my second week, and it is a little rough, but the first thing I did
> when i got out  of the hospital was get the flu.  : )
> I do have a question for you though.  My doc said that every time my bg's get
> higher than 250 to change the set.  Did any of you do this?  Aren't there
> other reasons for over 250.  I went through a ton of sets.  And I had to
You will probably get a ton of answers to this, but...

If you know your insulin/bg ratio, just bolus down. You get half way in 
an hour.  If you are going to eat, bolus 1/3 of your meal (guess) bolus 
and eat when you hit 150.

Don't forget to spread normal meal boluses over the digestion time. 
Usually 4-5 hours. Otherwise, you will get real low and then real high.

I am assuming you are using humalog.

> to get high.  If I *know* why, like I'm trying to compensate for my low time,
> I don't change immediately, but there are still times it just goes up.  Also,
> How often do you correct your bgs?
Constantly, every check (3 - 6 hrs).

>FIX it!  So what do you do?
Yes, FIX it!

email @ redacted