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[IP] Week 2

This is my second week, and it is a little rough, but the first thing I did
when i got out  of the hospital was get the flu.  : )

I do have a question for you though.  My doc said that every time my bg's get
higher than 250 to change the set.  Did any of you do this?  Aren't there
other reasons for over 250.  I went through a ton of sets.  And I had to
start with steel.  I switched this week (2 days ago) to teflon.  This is
better, I don't find the needle rotated 45 degrees anymore.  But I still seem
to get high.  If I *know* why, like I'm trying to compensate for my low time,
I don't change immediately, but there are still times it just goes up.  Also,
How often do you correct your bgs?  It drives me nuts to see a high bg and
not fix it.  And there is MY reason for the pump.  Yes it will be high on
occasion, but for goodness sake, FIX it!  So what do you do?

Thanks muchly, Terri