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Re: [IP] air bubbles

Hi Carol Wasson,

I have been on the pump for 2 weeks today. It takes awhile to get all your
rates straighened out. I, too, have had both some highs (very high) and some
lows (not too awful many though), but as I understand it, this is to be
expected more than not.
I have used more test strips these past two weeks than I ever have, in this
amount of time. In the beginning I was testing 10 to 12 times and day, and
 at 3 am also. I've cut out the 3 am, but still test quite a bit during the
day. I'm trying to see a pattern by graphing my results., Unfortunately, I
still have not seen one. I guess I'm just weird. This will be a real
challenge for my doc and CDE. LOL