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[IP] First Day on the Pump

Dear Carol,

Congratulations on your decision to go on the pump.  Try not to get too
discouraged - It will get better, but you will have some ups and downs.  It
takes a while to get your basals and boluses working correctly - trial and
error.  My first A1c was higher after going on the pump. My second one was in
the "normal" range.  Now, all of my A1c's are in the low to mid sixes with
much less effort than pre-pump.   I would be lost without it - the quality of
my life has improved greatly, for me and those around me.  It does take a
while, but I no longer have those swings in bloodsugars, I feel sooooo much
healthier.  For me, it was not love at first, it took a while.  My feelings
about the pump were up and down for about six months.  It's been five years
for me and I would fight tooth and nail if I had to give up the pump to go
back to injections and I'm sure you'll feel the same way after you've given
it some time to adjust.  The pump is not a "perfect" solution, but it's the
best one out there.

Good luck to you.