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Re: [IP] Breakfast meal


Thanks - about the milk, I measure exactly one cup, wish that were it
:-( This morning I woke up w/ a 160 (REBOUND bad - I fought lows all
evening - don't ask me what happened ?-) Anyway, I bolused before the
shower and waited a while to eat and then had an acceptable test after
breakfast.  Maybe for breakfast I need to bolus, shower and then eat. 
I'll let yall know what I figure out. 

Celia McInnis wrote:
> Susan:
> Are you varying the amount of milk on the cereal?  I know that milk always
> sends my sugars way up.
> Celia
> Susan Jordan wrote:
> > Hi yall:
> >
> > I have eaten the same breakfast for about the last 6 months or so it is
> > 1 serving of bran cereal (no table sugar at all) and one serving of
> > regular (sugar) cereal. 50% of the time I have an acceptable 90-120 post
> > meal test and 50% its at 170+.  I have no idea what to think other than
> > I should consider something else for breakfast.  Any suggestions?
> >
> > Susan
> > email @ redacted