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[IP] presentation to middle-school kids

Hi all,

I just got home from talking to a group of middle-school kids, who all have
diabetes, about my pump.  It went pretty well and they seemed pretty
interested (while trying to act "cool" the whole time).  I talked about my
personal reasons for going on the pump for awhile, during which time I had my
pump concealed in my pocket.  I could tell they were looking at me, trying to
find the pump.  I knew the issue of being hooked up to something all the time
and having everyone be able to tell that they have diabetes was a big deal to
them.  When I finally pulled out the pump, there was a gasp in the room.
 They were amazed at how small and easily hidden it is.  They had lots of
questions and were generally very excited.  I hope they talk it over with
their parents but I know that for many of them, convincing the doctor to go
along with it will be a challenge.  I sent a letter to their parents with my
phone number and email address in case they have questions.  I may be asking
some of you with kids on the pump for advice.  

Anyway, I just wanted to share my good experience with you.

Mary Jean