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Re: [IP] air bubbles


If the bubbles are tiny, like champagne bubbles, you don't need to worry
about them.  If, however they are spread out along the tubing and take up 1/4
inch or more, this could be a problem.  As you become more adept at filling
the syringe and priming the tubing, you will have less problems.  

As for the fluctuations in your blood sugar...don't give up!  It will take
awhile to get used to everything and you WILL be able to achieve stable
glucose levels.  Are you new at counting carbohydrates?  To me, this was the
bigger issue when I went on the pump.  It took a week or so before I got
really good at figuring out how much to bolus.  Then there was the time that
I figured everything out and was very proud of myself, except two hours
later, I realized that I had forgotten to administer the bolus!  My doctor
said to set a temporary basal rate that was .1 higher than normal and within
a few hours I had eased back down into the normal range.

The pump is really a wonderful tool, give yourself some slack and soon,
you'll be doing great.

Mary Jean