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Re: [IP] air bubbles

You wrote:
> Today is my first day the pump, I did have trouble when
> filling the syringe with the humalog,
Everybody has trouble the first day. The only perfect person that ever
lived, they nailed to a cross. 

>now since these are so tiny do I worry about them? Is this normal? 
No, it is not normal, you need to get ALL THE AIR OUT of the  reservoir.
You wouldn't want air in your brake lines on your car. <big grin>

> My over all impressions of my first day on the pump, I don't like it but
> going to keep with it to see if I can iron these things out, I had one
> today 59 this morning, and now I'm around 200 at 3:00pm. My goal in
> on the pump was to have stable, closer to normal blood sugars, is this
> possible on the pump or am I still going to bounce up and down.
> Have some of you people who have been on the pump for awhile found blood
> sugars easier to manage?

You have not been using it long enough to get all the "OLD STUFF" out of
your system. Wait until you feel the difference once you get all the NPH
out of your system. It's GREAT!!!! Give it a chance and you will be looking
for a spare just in case that one breaks. I assume that we all have highs
and lows occasionally but there is always a good reason for it if you will
admit it to yourself. The pump will perform and do what it is supposed to
if you will. I wanted a chocolate malt when I first got on the pump. I
waited until I got the carb counting down and then indulged myself. . . . .
BG never broke 130.
	Some of us people (me anyway) have found BG's very easy to manage now. I
have not been pumping quite a year yet but I knew after the first week I
had found the answer to all my prayers! Save this message for a while and
see if you don't agree.

Buddy '-)
> Carol
> Carol Wasson
> email @ redacted