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Re: [IP] Humalog

In a message dated 97-11-16 23:59:19 EST, email @ redacted writes:

> > That's right, why would you want to carry it when there is 50 to 300
>  > units in the syringe in the pump.  You can always draw it out with a
>  > standard injection syringe if the pump dies.

In her response to Michael who wrote the statement above referring, I
believe, to whether one should carry extra insulin with them since some is
always available in the pump, she states:
>  I disagree.  Most new pumpers are not taught to disconnect at the leur
>  to withdraw insulin to use in an injection, as Michael suggested earlier.
>  Besides, what if the pump is out of insulin? I realize this is
>  but it does happen.  The extra supplies are for backup.

I think this issue is mostly summed-up by recognizing that, as with so many
items regarding treatment of diabetes, there isn't a right or wrong answer.
If you are living or travelling in a part of the world where insulin is
readily available, as I and I imagine, most of us do, I do as Michael does.
So far I've never had to withdraw insulin out of the pump with a syringe
because of a pump malfunction, but I practiced doing it once and found it to
be easy. On the other hand, if you feel more comfortable carrying around an
extra vial of insulin, then that's a-okay. 

Diabetes can be characterized as a disease of hassles. I try to eliminate as
many of them as possible, and to me, travelling in a truck without air
conditioning means  keeping the insulin safe from heat with a cool pack while
it sits in a truck and is  another aspect of my care that I've eliminated
with the pump. It also makes me feel better spiritually--gives me a greater
sense of freedom. Now if I was travelling in very remote areas of Alaska or
some foriegn country that had limited supplies and areas to obtain insulin, I
would be carefull to carry extra insulin, etc.

In short, if it makes you more comfortable I'd carry extra supplies...