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Re: [IP] Pump Safety Alarms, Sites, Changing basal rates

> Celia,

> 1. Do people have problems with the needles coming out inadvertently?
> 15 years
> ago I used to insert 2 butterfly needles every 3 days into my abdomen
> and then
> give all of my injections (long and short-acting insulins) into them.
> I used to
> have trouble with the needles coming out on me when exercising
> (especially when
> cycling) - and yes, they were well taped in.

I swim enthusiastically and I have had to work hard to come up with a
system of preps and wipes that won't come off.  I think that skin
chemistry and amount of persperation come into the equation.  Point is
that the problem is resolvable with some effort.Generally when I feel
the set loosening while swimming, it works loose at the skin/joint due
to the water resistence, not a "pop it has come out," sort of thing.
When this happens it shortens my workout.  I have had the pump come out
of the pocket and dangle behind me as I swim.  A noticable tug on the
abdomen, but it didn't pull the set out.

> 2. Are sites inclined to get irritated? infected? more hyper- or
> hypo-lippodistrophied?

I've never had this problem even going sometimes 5 days on a set. [Had
to go longer due to a delay in my next batch of supplies being ordered
by my insurance carrier.]

> 3. Do pumpers vary their basal rates much from day to day - or do they
> try to
> keep these rates fixed and play more with the boluses (boli?)? I seem
> to be
> highly variable in terms of my carbohydrate processing and would
> appreciate not
> having to eat twice as much some days as others. Is it easy to reset
> the basal
> amounts on pumps?

I use the temporary feature.  My endo's attitude is that you need a long
term reason for making a change.  Not that it doesn't happen, but my
first line of adjustment is in the basal ratios.