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Re: [IP] Pump Safety Alarms, Sites, Changing basal rates

In a message dated 11/17/97 6:31:07 AM, Celia wrote:

>1. Do people have problems with the needles coming out inadvertently? 15
>ago I used to insert 2 butterfly needles every 3 days into my abdomen and
>give all of my injections (long and short-acting insulins) into them. I used
>have trouble with the needles coming out on me when exercising (especially
>cycling) - and yes, they were well taped in.

There are various methods you can use to ensure your set stays in. These
include skin-preps and experimenting with different tape products.

>2. Are sites inclined to get irritated? infected? more hyper- or

My sites are fine when changed every three days. I only ran into site
infections when I went longer than three.

>3. Do pumpers vary their basal rates much from day to day - or do they try
>keep these rates fixed and play more with the boluses (boli?)? I seem to be
>highly variable in terms of my carbohydrate processing and would appreciate
>having to eat twice as much some days as others. Is it easy to reset the
>amounts on pumps?

I think its a matter of preference. I use the temporary basal rate feature
when eating certain kinds of food (pasta & pizza) and when exercising.

- ---Jim Lieb