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Re: [IP] Pump Safety Alarms, Sites, Changing basal rates


Very good questions! I have said before that I have walked away from my pump,
now I'm using 24" sets, many times now. The pump falls to my side and
dangles, but has yet to come out. I've almost yanked it out during some
intimate moments, and I have dropped it in the toilet many times. Well, maybe
three. I have yet to pull it out. My sites don't get irritated either. If you
look back over some old text, we dicussed this not too long ago. I already
have atrophy in my tummy from injections, but it seems to come in handy for
putting in my sets. I would have to say that there isn't anything that
bothers me about having a pump attached to me. And I am one picky person!!
And surely nothing bad enough not to think everyone should be on a pump, even
a teen with raging hormones. Right, Michael?