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Re: [IP] Pump Safety Alarms, Sites, Changing basal rates

In a message dated 11/17/97 6:31:07 AM, you wrote:

<<3. Do pumpers vary their basal rates much from day to day - or do they try
keep these rates fixed and play more with the boluses (boli?)? >>

Hi Celia,

Usually basal rates stay the same once they have been figured out.  You can
program a temporary basal if you need to for some reason, e.g. exercise.
 There could be reasons to change the basal rates over time, but it would not
be a regular thing.  The boluses are what you use to cover carbohydrate
intake and they vary from meal to meal.

I've read that some people have trouble keeping the canala taped in place,
but I never have, even when exercising.  I once had a group of puppies get a
hold of my infusion line.  The weight was enough to pull off enough tape and
dislodge the canala.

Infections are usually the result of unsterile technique, but I do sometimes
have some soreness for a day after changing sights.

Good luck.