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Re: [IP] Humalog


I hope you got my letter about the air bubbles and leaving it out for about
fifteen minutes beofre changing sets. But the best advice came when someone
told me to fill the syringe, then let it sit for awhile, while you get the
rest of your supplies out and ready to change out. Then I pick up the syringe
and tap it and most all the bubbles go right out. If you ever look at the
syringe in your pump when you are about ready to change it out for a new set,
there is where most of the bubbles stay, so I change out before I run out of
insulin, therefore I am throwing out my bubbles.

No, I do not take an extra set with me anywhere, unless I am going away for
the day. Like a day trip to the outlet malls. I instead carry R insulin and a
syringe, then I can put some R in the QR to last me till I get home. Michael
taught me that one. I have never actually had a problem when I was out. The
only time mine may have been clogged, I was at home.
Well, I have to go. The girls are sick.