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[IP] Pump Safety Alarms, Sites, Changing basal rates

Thanks for many informative comments concerning nocturnal lows. My fears
concerning pumps in this respect have been greatly reduced. Getting rid of the
long acting insulin would mean that when something goes wrong, I will not be
held captive for up to 30 hours to a dose of Ultra Lente which was taken up to
24 hours ago! I do still suspect that I will run into some bad morning lows once
in a while regardless of  the night-time rate chosen. I would like a safety
mechanism something like this on a pump: To be able to set  the pump so that it
rings/vibrates an alarm a certain number of hours later and if I don't then
acknowledge that alarm, shuts the pump off. This would be a trivial feature to
add to a pump and it would give me more peace of mind (and allow me to dispose
of my alarm clock!). Hopefully this is what the MiniMed auto-off function is
that Carolyn mentioned to me in her response.

A few more questions:

1. Do people have problems with the needles coming out inadvertently? 15 years
ago I used to insert 2 butterfly needles every 3 days into my abdomen and then
give all of my injections (long and short-acting insulins) into them. I used to
have trouble with the needles coming out on me when exercising (especially when
cycling) - and yes, they were well taped in.

2. Are sites inclined to get irritated? infected? more hyper- or

3. Do pumpers vary their basal rates much from day to day - or do they try to
keep these rates fixed and play more with the boluses (boli?)? I seem to be
highly variable in terms of my carbohydrate processing and would appreciate not
having to eat twice as much some days as others. Is it easy to reset the basal
amounts on pumps?

Thanks, Celia