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[IP] Humalog facts!!!!!

OK everyone. I have the inset from the Humalog box right here in front of
me......here is what it says about storage:

"Storage---Humalog should be stored in a refrigerator 
(2 degrees to 8 degrees C....36 degrees to 48 drgrees F), but not in the
freezer. If refrigeration is impossible, the vial or cartridge of HUMALOG IN
USE CAN BE UNREFRIGERATED FOR UP TO 28 DAYS, as long as it is kept as cool as
possible (not greater than 86 degrees F (130 drgrees C) and away from direct
heat and light. Unrefrigerated vials and cartridges must be used within this
time period or be discarded. do not use Humalog if it has been frozen."

So there's the answer. Depending on where you live and the temoperature you
have, dependes on wheter your Humalog has to be in the fridge. Luckily for
me, mine does not have to be. I'm thankful, as I carry it with me in case of
an emergency.