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Re: Re: [IP] Humalog

Karla wrote:
>I don't know about the rest of you, but I DO NOT agree that you can keep
>Humalog outside the fridge for a month. I was doing this in the beginning
too, just like my regular, but my sugars were climbing alot near the end of
the bottle. Someone from "Pumpers" told me about keeping it in the fridge,
>the last time we had this discussion about Humalog shelf life. >I have since
always put in right in the fridge when I am done, and now I have no problems
with it at all. I don't think you need to take the chance that it will not
work as well, especially when it only takes a minute to put it back in the

What do you do, if away and you would need to change your infusion set? You
don't carry extra supplies with you? My pump came with a blue bag just for
carrying extra supplies with you.

Also, do you have no problems with bubbles when your insulin is cold?

I think that I will write to Lilly and ask them what they think and how long
before th insulin will break daown when not refrigerated.

My CDE has been on the pump for several years using Humalog. She does not
refrigerate hers after opening, and it works OK for her.


P.S. I will let everyone know what Lilly says.