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Re: [IP] Breakfast meal & other weird bg responses

  Wow!  Thanks for that explanation.  Our daughter (8) does something
similar.  We just thought it was random BG fluctuations.  Now I'll have to
watch more carefully to try and characterize it.      You kind of lost me on
this part.

<< If high, she does a hbs bolus, boluses the next hour's basal rate and then
spreads the remaining total basal until 1:00am over the time until 1:00 am.
 This gets her down considerably faster but does not cause a low. >>

  I assume hbs = High Blood Sugar. Please tell me if I have this right.
  In your example, Lily's sleeping basal is 1.0.  If she is high, you
calculate an adjustment then add 1.0 (one hour's worth of basal).  Say she
was going to bed at 10:00pm.  The remaining basal insulin is 2.0 units (three
hours at 1.0 = 3.0 minus the 1.0 for the hour's basal done with the bolus,
leaving 2.0.)  You split the 2.0 over three hours, doing a temp basal rate of
.7 for three hours. (?)  
  How low does she get before she eats some carbs, and does she eat short or
long term carbs?  If she has to eat carbs, do you try to adjust her to 100,
then just run the 1.0 temp basal?  

        Thanks,       Dave