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Re: [IP] First Day

On 15 Nov 97 at 16:40, Wasson wrote:

> I would like some information from all pumpers first day experience. I start
> the insulin on tuesday and I would like to know what happens. Severe insulin
> reactions, extreme high blood sugar, did you have to stay home for days to
> figure everything out, give me some input on what happened to you.
> Carol Wasson
> you can go through the group or e-mail me at email @ redacted 
> Carol Wasson
> email @ redacted

My first day went like this:
Alarm goes off at 06:15 a.m.  Get up, take bg reading, calculate 
insulin for breakfast, take shot, shower, get breakfast ready, help 
take kids to day care, eat breakfast while driving to the office at 
07:15 a.m. 

Left office at 09:15 to meet pump consultant.  Had the box, books, 
supplies etc in my car where I had been reviewing the material.  Got 
to her office at around 10:00.  I was quizzed about the pump 
operations and how to use it.  We reviewed my doctor's orders 
including the starting basal rates, boluses and emergency guidelines. 
We then went through an infusion set preparation using my insulin 
with her coaching me.  I inserted it (I had done a "dry insertion" a 
few weeks earlier so the insertion part wasn't hard - that was when I 
inserted a set without attaching it to a pump and wore it for three 
days) and pushed the buttons to take the pump out of stopped mode.  I 
was online (or as one person at the office said later in the day - I 
had been assimliated.)

Then I went back to the office, arriving a little after 11:30.  I 
checked my bg values at 11:50, and took my first meal bolus.  The 
rest of the day was spent doing all the normal things around the 
office, interrupted because I was checking my bg values more often 
than the schedule called for - I admit I was nervous about this 
thing.  No really bad highs, no bad lows.  Just one nervous person 
with great hopes... which so far have been fulfilled.

Randall Winchester

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