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Re: [IP] Humalog

On 15 Nov 97 at 20:23, email @ redacted wrote:

> Sissy,
> I don't know about the rest of you, but I DO NOT agree that you can keep
> Humalog outside the fridge for a month. I was doing this in the beginning
> too, just like my regular, but my sugars were climbing alot near the end of
> the bottle. Someone from "Pumpers" told me about keeping it in the fridge,
> the last time we had this discussion about Humalog shelf life. I have since
> always put in right in the fridge when I am done, and now I have no problems
> with it at all. I don't think you need to take the chance that it will not
> work as well, especially when it only takes a minute to put it back in the
> fridge.
> Karla

I mentioned this discussion to my pharmacist and the response was 
"are you sleeping in the fridge too?"   He also pointed out that the 
expiration dates and information from the manufacturers are based on 
very conservative estimates - so that the vial should be good after a 
much longer time.  I'm wondering too because I haven't had problems 
with it being out of the fridge even after almost a month since I've 
been on Humalog.  I used to carry a spare pen/penfill case and I 
might not use it until it had been carried around for over a month, 
and I never had a problem with it not working properly.  I wonder if 
the problem might be more related to what someone else pointed out 
about the site "going soft" or getting "clogged" with insulin.  Maybe 
the body fat in that area reaches some kind of saturation point and 
just cannot absorb any more insulin?  
Randall Winchester

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