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Re: [IP] Depression

On 15 Nov 97 at 11:20, email @ redacted wrote:

> Buddy mentioned depression. Yes, I was VERY depressed. I don't know if I am
> just handling it better or that the "Zoloft" that I am taking is just working
> really well. I am handling the divorce fairly well. I was wondering though,
> is it a common thing for diabetics to have a bigger problem with depression,
> or not. I guess we all get those times where we get upset about this disease,
> but I was getting overwhelmed there for awhile. Not because of my pumping
> either. This has actually made me very happy. Especially when I am now with
> someone who doesn't think I am ugly with a pump attached to me.
> Thanks ya'll for all your support too. Is really helps me with the letters I
> get from you. You will never know what just a sentence or two do for me.
> Karla

I had a problem with depression for a long time - there were times 
when I'd just sit there in the morning looking at that needle and cry 
for fifteen or twenty minutes before I could take the shot.  Then I'd 
get depressed every time my bg crashed or went through the roof.  The 
hardest part was when I was pastoring a church - and I was supposed 
to be helping other people who were depressed or suffering!  Since 
I've gotten on the pump I haven't had the problem nearly as bad - I 
think that there is something to the variability of the bg and the 
psychological effects that come with it.   

Randall Winchester

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