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Re: [IP] Humalog

On 15 Nov 97 at 7:16, email @ redacted wrote:

> Has anyone written to Eli Lilly to let them know about the instability of the
> Humalog in the pump and that we need it to last longer?

I asked about this and was told that 1) it isn't that unstable at 
normal room temperature - it should last at least the full 28 days 
with no measurable decline in strength.  After 28 days, or if you are 
exposing it to UV light or extremely high temperatures (where you 
would be uncomfortable) then it will start to slowly loose 
effectiveness - but should still have most of it's effectiveness 
after another 10 to 15 days.  The rep did say that if you mix it with 
something else, or get it contaminated then they won't vouch for the 
stability of it.  He also repeated something that my doctor told me 
years ago about not letting the insulin be x-rayed at an airport 
because that will make it unstable just like UV light or sunlight.  

and 2) Humalog isn't FDA approved for use in the pump so they don't 
officially endorse that use.  

Randall Winchester

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