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Re: [IP] First Day

My first day was last Thanksgiving.  It was quite uneventful.  My
overall impression of my first day[s] was that I tested a lot, did and
still do, and saw my endo more frequently, every couple of days.  He had
given me a pretty good starting point for my basals and I have been
carbo counting and dosing accordingly before pumping so that there was
only some refinement in those doses.
My expereinces,

Wasson wrote:

> I would like some information from all pumpers first day experience. I
> start
> the insulin on tuesday and I would like to know what happens. Severe
> insulin
> reactions, extreme high blood sugar, did you have to stay home for
> days to
> figure everything out, give me some input on what happened to you.
> Carol Wasson
> you can go through the group or e-mail me at email @ redacted
> Carol Wasson
> email @ redacted