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Re: [IP] Leslie

Personal experience is the best way to deal with exercise.  My
experiences are that I can go either hyper or hypo glycemic following
short intense exercise.  The reasons for this are not too clear but the
hypos are from too little food (fuel) and the hypers are from too little
insulin causing the reserves in the liver to be released.  I have to
take every type and duration of exercise and play with eating and
Frequently, I eat some carbs, and bolus for some of them.  This gives me
both fuel and some insulin in my bloodstream to avoid both the hypers
and hypos.  Even with this, there are too many surprises to admit to.  A
decent book on the subject is:
Campaigne and Lampman; Exercise in the Clinical Management of Diabetes,
Human Kinetics (1994).  Human Kinetics' phone is 800-747-4457.

email @ redacted wrote:

> Gosh, I know it is Saturday, but I was so busy yesterday, I didn't
> have time
> to go back over my letters to respond. In the last three months, I
> have had
> plenty of experience with exercise and pumping. It was trial and error
> really. I took my common sense and tried to figure out how much
> insulin I
> would need for that period of time that I was exercising. The Dr. told
> me to
> cut my basal rate in half during, a half an hour before until a half
> an hour
> after exercising.That did not work at all. I was shocking every time.
> So it
> took me about a month to get it exactly right, and sometimes that
> doesn't
> work either. I didn't want to have to eat before exercising either.
> That was
> why I was there, to lose weight. I thought that was defeating the
> purpose.
> But to make a long story short, I can be done. If Michael's daughter
> Lily can
> do it, and she's 11 now, I think anyone can give it a good try.
> Karla