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     After receiving Michael's remarks on how not to use the mailing list I
hesitated in sending this, but while this is not directly on pumping I do
think the following information will help AOL users in copying parts of
postings they are responding to and in the long run cutdown on the volume of
the postings.   Here is a copy of an old posting that is an example of how
the "reply" feature can be used on AOL if you take the time to change one
default in your system:
- ---------------
In a message dated 97-11-08 18:39:55 EST, Sissy wrote:

>  How could you have ever had good control while on 70/30? It's impossible
>  ever fine tune when taking that. 

     I agree with Sissy, the last thing you would want to use in a pump would
be a mixed brand of insulin with different peaking times.

>  I often wondered why they even make the stuff. I assumed maybe it was for
>  elderly people that couldn't mix two insulins themselves in the syringe.

     No, I think most elderly people can still mix insulin.  It's made for
people who are not fortunate enough to have insulin pumps.   Elderly Glenn
- ---------------
     Some time ago an AOL user asked how to use the above copy feature and
Michael gave an excellent reply.  However, it only applied to non-AOL users.
 At the time I didn't know what the problem was.  But now that I have time to
read computer manuals again I think I can help because I notice very few AOL
users are using it.
     The AOL default is to use the "chevron"  style of brackets which are a
"<<" at the start of the copy and a ">>" at the end.  This is okay if you are
only copying one sentence.  But if you are copying the entire posting it
becomes confusing where you cut in to reply and where the quote stops and
starts.  The "Internet" style of quoting is to put a single ">" in front of
every line on the portion that is being copied. And whatever you type in has
no ">" in front of the line, which makes it easy to understand what the
sender is adding (especially if you leave an extra line between the copy and
the quote as shown above.)  This means the AOL default has to be changed to
the Internet style.
     You make this change from the opening AOL Window (either on- or
off-line).  Click on the "Members" dropdown menu.  Click on "Preferences" and
then click on the "Mail" icon.  The last one in the list of mail preferences
is:  "Use AOL Quoting in Mail."  Click once on the little box in front of
that line to remove the check mark from the box.  Then click "Okay" at the
bottom and close the "Preferences" window.    
     Okay, now that your AOL is setup you can do what most other
online-provider users have already been doing.  Go to whatever posting you
want to respond to and highlight the part or parts or the entire posting that
you want to respond to.  Then click on "Reply" which sets up your Compose
Mail window with the parts you have highlighted and the ">" marks in front of
each line and also the date and time of the posting to which you are
responding.  Now all that is left is to:
1.  Check the "To:" box to make sure the insulin-pumpers address is correct
and if there is more than one addressee to remove them. More than one address
only confuses the Majordomo Program and sometimes sends out your posting more
than once.  And if the first sender is also sending it to someone on the list
(as is done quite often)  and you copy both addresses it only means that
person will receive the part you copied four times.
2.  Change the "Subject" box if it is no longer correct.
3.  And most of all delete all parts of the original posting to which you are
not responding.  At one point a member copied the entire posting of another
member who had also copied the entire posting of what they were responding
to. The last of the three responses was a single word,  "Yes."  That one word
"Yes" including all the copying and all the routings turned out to be three
pages long.  I remember I had to read the whole thing several times before
even finding the final response.  (This is another reason to set off what you
are adding-in by leaving an extra line above and below your comments.)  For
those of you who remember who sent that three-page one-word posting don't
laugh too hard.
     Any AOL users who might have a question about setting this up probably
should e-mail me directly so I don't use up any more space in the archives on
this topic.   HAPPY PUMPING,  GLENN