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Re: RE: [IP] Humalog 3 days

> In a message dated 11/15/97 9:37:20 AM, you wrote:
> <<with the
> Humalog that I shouldn't go more than 3 days or the insulin seems to not
> work as well and my sugars go up.  >>
> My experiences seem to be the same as Jodi's.  I can't push the Humalog more
> than 3 days.  I also believe that it is unstable out of refrigeration for any
> period of time.
It is not the insulin, it is the insertion site.  It becomes 
corrupted with time.  Humalog is MUCH worse this way than other 
insulins.  No one seems to know why.

Trauma at the site (poor insertion technique etc...) can make this 
problem appear within a day or two.  If you do a REALLY smooth job of 
insertion and the site is 'happy' 4 days can be achieved regularly - 
but don't bet on it.

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