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Re: [IP] First Day

In a message dated 97-11-15 17:27:18 EST, you write:

<< I would like some information from all pumpers first day experience. I
 the insulin on tuesday and I would like to know what happens. Severe insulin
 reactions, extreme high blood sugar, did you have to stay home for days to
 figure everything out, give me some input on what happened to you. >>

Originally I was scheduled to stay overnight in the hospital for the first
day. However, my endo let me stay with my husband in a nearby motel. (We
lived 3 hours from the hospital--Air Force situation.)  I was not allowed to
drive for 24 hours and had to check my blood sugars every two hours.  I only
had to call the endo if my blood sugar went outside of an agreed upon
range--below 60 and over 250 (I think).   If BGs were over 180, I had to
bolus 1 unit to reduce the BGs by 50.

Basically, the endo was very conservative in setting the basals. My BGs ran
high most of the time--including through the night.  I think most endos will
set the basals so that BGs run high.  You fine tune to get the BGs down
rather than up.

After the first couple of days we started to tinker with the basals.  It took
about a month to get them right.

I felt fine during the whole start up experience. I don't think you need to
stay home and lay in bed. Just be careful before you do something that might
endanger you or others--like driving.  TEST OFTEN.  Also be careful before,
during and after unusual physical activity.  I don't mean just exercise
either.  I was painting a room about three days after going on the pump and
had some severe lows. I had to stay off the ladder!

It has been suggested here many times but is worth mentioning over and over.
 If you haven't yet, get yourself a copy of "Pumping Insulin" from Torrey
Pines Press.  It is my bible for pumping.  You can order it at

- --Sharon