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I will try to be as careful as possible not to hit the reply button when
responding.  I also seem to be a bit too long winded most of the time.  I
will try to curb that too.

If you want to set things up like a message board that would be ok with me.
 But, I prefer the old way.  If we all try to keep personal stuff (dog,
sports, etc.) on a direct E-Mail basis, and the long winded ones (LIKE ME!!!)
can curb the wording?  This should work out fine?  I hope.

Bye for now.


P.S.  I haven't had the time to help with the FAQ's.  I hardly have the time
to go through the mail I already have.  Maybe, we could all put in one???  Is
there anyway we can add them to the Homepage?  What I mean is, if we can have
a section for us to all put in our own questions?  Like, have a section and
an empty box just like the situation we have for the profiles?  This way
maybe everyone can think of one or two questions and maybe after we have all
added our two cents we can modify what is there already???  I don''t even
know if this is possible?  Pleas let me know?