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Dear Buddy,
     I bet you're sorry you ever asked me for that previous posting.  I made
a terrible mistake in my first response to you.  If you followed my advice
you are probably reading this e-mail from your hospital bed.  Hope you
receive this correction before that happened.
     I stated by using Humalog I could bring my high glucose readings down
within two hours by using "the correct insulin to carb ration."  Please,
please correct that to "the correct insulin to blood glucose ration."
     In my own case (which is different with all diabetics) my insulin to
carb ratio is one unit of insulin for every 15 carbs I eat.  My insulin to
blood glucose ratio is one unit for every 40 points of too-high glucose
reading.  Quite a difference.
     Just as an example of how that ratio works with me is, say my glucose
reading is 220 mg/dl and I want to bring it down to my goal of 100.  The
difference between the two readings is 120 points so I divide that by my
ratio of 1 to 40  which equals three. So I bolus three units of Humalog which
brings me down to my goal in two hours. It never fails.  I wonder how many
non-pumpers there are out there in the world that do not know their own
insulin to blood-glucose ration?
     Sorry to bother you with all that explanation, but I wanted to make sure
I corrected my previous erroneous statement.  From your previous postings you
seem to have a good knowledge of diabetes so hopefully you understood what I
was trying to say in the first place.
     Keep on pumping,  GLENN