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Re: [IP] Insurance


When I was divorced I was on COBRA from my insurance.  My ex was able to
continue on the insurance on his own still under COBRA.  I'm not sure
how it would work as he is still employed when the divorce finalizes.  I
would stongly suggest getting in touch with your state insurance
commissoner (or department, you never really get the commis, just the
guys who really run the place) to find out what state and federal laws
would aply in your case. (try the blue pages in the phone book under
your state for the phone number) Try to get statue numbers so you can
throw them back in the ex's lawyers face! :) I work in banking an have
found that some (not slamming in general) lawyers think if they say it
with enough authority in their voice it becomes law.  

Hope this helps
mailto:email @ redacted
> Beth,
> I was told by Larry's lawyer, that it is illegal(or insurance fraud), to keep
> me on after the divorce is final. My girlfriend told me about that COBRA law,
> but he dismissed me like I was stupid. As I write to you now, I am on the
> phone to Larry's insurance company. If I ever get a human on the phone, I
> will let ya'll know what she says.
> OK, she said that I will be covered for 18 months and I will have to pay the
> premiums. That is better than nothing. Thank you for getting me off my butt
> to try. I just thought that the lawyer should know what he's talking about. I
> guess not!!!
> Thanks again!
> I'm very grateful!!!!
> Karla