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RE: [IP] Re: Pump and hospitalization

I can't find the original note that this one was referencing, but I have
a funny story about using the pump when in the hospital.  When my twins
were born 4.75 years ago, I gave birth mid-afternoon and then spent the
night at the hospital.  I worked out with my pediatrician how often to
feed the babies through the night.  Then I worked out with my endo that
I should test every time I had to wake up to feed the babies and bolus
if needed.  Then my pediatrician suggested I feed them every 3 hours
instead of every 4, but my endo put in my chart "Test every 4 hours" not
"Test before feeding babies"  So, first of all, the nurse would wake me
up to feed the babies which would take close to an hour, and then just
as I was back to sleep, she would wake me up to test, even though I had
just tested an hour before.  Also, I had one nurse who woke me at about
3AM to test, who said she was so curious about this "insulin pump" that
she had never seen before and tried to keep me awake to tell her all
about it.  I don't think I was too rude to her :)  I was probably too
out of it to come up with some truly mean thing to say to someone in the
situation.  Now, I can laugh about it.  However, I am really glad that
through it all my ob/gyn trusted my endo, and my endo trusted me.  With
his help, I got through it.

- - Jodi

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