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RE: [IP] Humalog

I have to disagree with Randall.  My experiences with Humalog have found
it to be less stable than Regular.  I used to keep my regular out of the
fridge once the bottle was opened and had no problems with it.  When I
did that with Humalog, the last of the bottle acted like it was almost
plain water.  My sugars would soar until I opened a new bottle.  I also
used to be able to change my sets every 4 to 5 days, but find with the
Humalog that I shouldn't go more than 3 days or the insulin seems to not
work as well and my sugars go up.  On my last bottle of Humalog, I kept
it out of the fridge for about 4 days in the middle, and I noticed that
the insulin at the bottom of the bottle was not working well.  My
husband has learned this too.  Now, I can start the sentence "I started
a new bottle of insulin yesterday" and he will finish it "and you have
been having lows all day today, haven't you?"  That is because as the
insulin becomes weaker at the bottom of the bottle, I take more and more
to compensate.  Then, when I start the new bottle and use the same
amounts, wham!!!  Of course, your mileage may vary.  It may be that I am
more sensitive to the insulin and small changes in its potency have more
of an effect on me than on others.  However, my pharmacy also keeps the
insulin refrigerated and even insisted on double wrapping it when I went
to pick it up to keep it cool.  It was not a particularly warm day, but
she seemed concerned about it.  I don't think you are out of line to ask
the pharmacist for the insulin to be refrigerated.

- - Jodi

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> From: 	Randall Winchester[SMTP:email @ redacted]
> Humalog is actually more stable than Regular.