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Re: [IP] Humalog


I am more concerned about how the insulin is stored during its journey to
the pharmacy. This past summer I grew increasingly suspect of a number of
bottles of Humalog which I received from my pharmacy. The pharmacy
refrigerates it until I pick it up. I immediately refrigerate it when I get
it home approximately 10 minutes later. Total amount of time out of the
cooler is certainly less than one hour.

To cut to the chase, I questioned the pharmacy about the methods used to
get the insulin from the warehouse to them. In this case, the insulin is
shipped in trucks from the ware house 25 miles away. I asked how long the
insulin remains un refrigerated during this journey - sometimes 8 - 10
hours, depending on the number of deliveries. In certain cases, it may
remain in the trucks over night.

Summer temps in the 90's can push the temp inside these delivery trucks to
well over 120 degrees, and this is simply too long for any insulin to
remain at this temp.

I had another occasion with a mail order supplier where the package was
left on my front porch, outside temp approximately 85 - 90, in the sun for
9 hours. The bottles were hot to the touch when I opened the package. The
foam packing material did nothing to insulate it. I complained to no avail,
and simply stopped doing business with them.

I have grown more comfortable with intermittent exposure of the insulin to
the warmer temps. I still worry about these extended periods of time,
though. I do not know of any way I can control how the insulin is handled
before I get it.

Since it is now snowing like crazy, I probably won't need to worry about
this for another 6 months.

I am sure that different pharmacies have different procedures for shipping
and handling medications, but I am wary when it's warm outside.

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted